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  • ¿Quién aprende, qué aprende, cómo y dónde se desarrollan dichas actividades ? Éstas son algunas cuestiones fundamentales que preocupan a los que se dedican a la enseñanza/aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera. El propósito de esta reflexión es poner al alcance de los docentes y los alumnos unos aspectos de suma trascendencia en el proceso didáctico de una lengua extranjera.

  • The present publication gathers communications from the Lille symposium selected for their quality and originality. Seventeen countries were represented, among which the United States, China, Australia, Qatar and numerous countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Aside from the conferences, many ideas and opinions were shared, a recurrent question being the very definition of sport tourism. This book will be of great interest to everyone interested by sport tourism and local sustainable development studied with a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Retrouvez toute la gastronomie alsacienne ! Voici les 120 meilleures recettes alsaciennes en langue régionale et traduites en français. Découvrez enfin la vraie recette de la Flammeküeche (tarte flambée), de la choucroute, des galettes de pommes de terre, du kouglof , et de bien d'autres spécialités alsaciennes.
    Une cuisine généreuse et conviviale ! Bouchées à la reine, tourte au munster, bibalakas (fromage blanc à l'alsacienne), pâté en croûte, salade de pissenlits, spätzle, coq au riesling, palette de porc fumée, pain d'épice, tarte aux myrtilles, streusel, soufflé au kirsch...

    E Gueter !

  • Un jour Jerico un jeune mâle vint voir le taureau Manso pour lui demander conseil :
    - Nous n'avons plus de chef depuis plusieurs jours et je ne sais pas à qui m'adresser. Tous les autres taureaux sont trop jeunes, toi tu es le plus vieux et pourrais-tu me dévoiler le secret qui permet de faire tomber les "campinos" de leurs chevaux ?

  • Anglais Quitting smoking

    Christopher Petrel

    • Bookelis
    • 24 Novembre 2018

    Are you ready to commit to quitting smoking? That's half the battle. Now that you're taking this big step, we have lots of help available.Quitting smoking is not easy, but it's worth it! Quitting offers practical tips to help you break your nicotine addiction and kick the cigarette habit for good.

  • We don't talk about it and avoid the tension generating subject. Snoring makes us laugh or even cry. We very much want to get rid of it. There are ways to fight it. You will find an inventory of them herein, complete with advice on how to improve them, but that's not all! This book sets forth a natural and original manner of curing snoring and sleep apnea. It's an actively engaging method as opposed to others which confine the snorer to a passive role (drugs, surgery, etc.), proposing exercises by which the snorer strengthens and activates his oral cavity and refines its sensations. Validated by numerous doctors, physical therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine, this book can be read on different levels: by those who are just discovering their snoring problem as well as by those who are well aware of it but haven't yet found a satisfactory solution.

  • It is said that "words are the mirror of the heart" and that they also reflect my thoughts. If I want my language to be filled with Freedom, Wisdom and Love, there are certain words or at least a certain form of language that I must use.

    Jacques Martel has acquired a great expertise in this area through his many communications with the public since 1998, as much in Quebec as in Europe.

    In this book, which he intends as a practical tool, he shares with us several keys to help us make the messages we want to transmit more easily understood by others at the level of the heart. He gives me the knowledge of certain words related to spiritual principles, which I can integrate into my ordinary language with my family, my friends, my work relationships and when I address myself to a public. The result is a more effective and a truer communication.

  • Adventurer and mountaineer François-Guy Thivierge is one of the rare individuals to have conquered the highest peak on each of the seven continents and to have explored both poles. His book, aimed at both the general public and those with an appetite for big thrills, is a passionate account of the path that led him to "reach the summits." Magnificently illustrated with images taken along the way, this coffee-table book features 200 vivid and colourful photographs as well as fascinating texts about mountaineering and the art of testing one´s limits.

    Like a true world tour, the book takes the reader in turn to Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Everest in Nepal, Vinson in Antarctica, Denali in Alaska, Elbrus in Russia and the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia, as well as the North and South Poles. A wealth of useful information, including a data sheet and descriptive sketch, is provided for each destination.

    The author recounts his extraordinary story full of hair-raising adventures. But above and beyond the feat itself, this book will prove to be a source of inspiration and motivation for all readers as well as a lesson on how to approach personal challenges, whatever they may be. You too can reach for the summits!

    With the collaboration of photographer Jean-Pierre Danvoye

  • Louis Geoffroy and Monique Gonthier, pediatricians at CHU Sainte-Justine, answer your questions about diabetes...

  • Should I worry if my child's development does not correspond to the ages given in books ?
    When will I know if my child is right or left-handed ?
    Why do 5-to-6 month old babies put their feet in their mouth ?
    My 12-month-old child does not walk. How can I stimulate him to take his first steps ?
    My 2 year old yells and get angry when other children approach his toys. How can I help him to share ?
    Why do 2 year olds have so many temper tantrums ?
    Is it normal for my 3½ year old to talk to a non-existent friend ?
    How can I appease my child's fears ?
    At what age can my child start eating with a fork ?
    At what age can I safely give my child scissors ?
    ... and many other questions !

  • Frédérique Saint-Pierre, clinical psychologist, and Marie-France Viau, social worker, both of CHU Sainte-Justine, answer your questions about your children´s sexuality...

  • What are the components of healthy self-esteem?
    ­ What kind of parental attitudes help build self-esteem? What attitudes can be harmful to self-esteem?
    ­ What makes up a sense of security?
    ­ Why is self-knowledge so important?
    ­ One-of-a-kind, or just like everyone else?
    ­ Can adult expectations be harmful? Are they sometimes too extreme?
    ­ Is it important to belong to a group? What does it give us?
    ­ What is a sense of competency?
    ­ What are the qualities of a competent parent?
    ­ Is self-esteem the solution to every problem?
    ...and many other questions!

  • The decline and fall of the Montreal Expos. In 1969, the Montreal Expos played their first game. Thirty-two years later, the team that once boasted baseball's best farm system is nearly dead. In this book, former Expos president Claude Brochu gets to the bottom of the Expos' story. From his successful marketing career at Seagram's, Claude Brochu was thrust into the role of Expos president in 1986. Back then, the Expos were a team with terrific potential. But as the years went by, attendance began to slide. Whenever owner Charles Bronfman attended a game he would shake his head, discouraged: "Why don't they come? What do we have to do?" The answer - field a winning team - seemed so simple, yet so elusive.
    And then, after 21 years, Bronfman decided to sell the team. He entrusted the sale to Brochu, who took up the gauntlet: "I made it a personal challenge. Businessmen are often portrayed as cold, emotionless people, who make decisions only on the eventual possibility of making a lot of money.? But that's not it at all. What fascinated me, what motivated me, was keeping the Expos in Montreal, in the hands of Quebecers. One of them being me.?"

  • "They need to think big like I did. If they can see it in their head, they can get there." Thinkin Big is the story of a kid whose dream was never supposed to come true: the story of a man who won hearts with his gentleness, but whose fearlessness was legendary. It is the biography of a champion once broken by boxing.
    As he watched Cassius Clay destroy Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964, James Tillis was told by God he would be a professional fighter. Thirty-three years later, James "Quick" Tillis, dubbed the Fightin Cowboy by Muhammad Ali, would record his story in a dimly lit jail cell. He was a young black athlete who'd clung to his alcoholic father and his religious mother, rising to battle seven heavyweight champions.
    But this naive heavyweight would be sacrificed by the sport he loved; it would rob him of the women he loved, his dignity, his fortune, and his title. He crawled into the ring 64 times to prove that he could win, but one dirty agent was determined to bleed him dry. Now he tells a story like no fighter before. It's raw, yet full of humour, told from a legend's perspective.

  • This book is part of a science series "Koleksyon Syans Mwen" in Haitian Kreyòl. The series is divided into six themes: Plants, Animals, Forces, Matter, Earth and Space, and Nature of Science. Each theme includes six titles to yield 36 book titles. Each title in the collection is beautifully illustrated and contains critical thinking and comprehension questions, a glossary and an index.

  • * La construcción de objetos con madera no es algo que esté sólo al alcance de los profesionales: cualquiera, con un mínimo equipamiento y la información que se facilita en este libro, podrá construir los más variados y prácticos objetos en un fin de semana.

    * En las páginas de esta obra se presentan todas las instrucciones necesarias para realizar la cuidada selección de objetos que se propone (para el despacho, para la cocina, para el baño, para los niños...)

    * Los proyectos se han planteado teniendo en cuenta el escaso tiempo libre del que se dispone hoy en día, y su fácil realización permite que un fin de semana sea suficiente para llevarlos a cabo.

    /> * Una obra única que ofrece 25 ideas fáciles de realizar, con explicaciones detalladas e ilustraciones que contribuyen a una mejor comprensión, a las que cada uno podrá aportar luego su toque personal.

    Joaquim Vilargunter Muñoz es arquitecto técnico, técnico especialista en ebanistería y modelista de fundición. Actualmente es profesor numerario de tecnología de la madera en el IES «Escola del Treball» de Barcelona. Ha publicado diversas obras en Editorial De Vecchi, entre las que destacan Haga usted mismo 25 modelos de sillas, Haga usted mismo 25 modelos de estanterías.

  • Paysages d'aujourd'hui / paysages d'autrefois : ce livre invite le lecteur à démêler leurs imbrications mouvantes, au coeur de grands enjeux de société dont témoigne ce patrimoine culturel que sont les paysages européens. Les 30 cas présentés font émerger la longue mémoire enfouie de l'histoire de l'Europe. L'ouvrage illustre aussi la pluralité des démarches de recherche et d'analyse, inséparables désormais des politiques de protection et de sauvegarde du patrimoine environnemental et paysager comme des pratiques de valorisation de ce bien culturel commun et non renouvelable.

  • * El perfume de un dulce recién hecho recuerda los ricos sabores de otros tiempos, las meriendas caseras preparadas por mamá, la fragancia de aquella tarta que sólo la abuela hacía tan bien...
    * En una época de productos industriales y de sabores artificiales, este libro ofrece más de cien recetas, sencillas y rápidas, precisas y excelentes para elaborar en casa rosquillas y cruasanes, pastaflora y bizcocho.
    * Bizcochos y panecillos de leche, galletas inglesas para el té, lenguas de gato para acompañar los helados, buñuelos de manzana, tarta Margarita o de hojaldre y otros muchos dulces caracterizarán los desayunos, animarán las tardes y pondrán un elegante punto final en las cenas.
    * También panettone, zeppole, buñuelos, galletas de Novara, besos de Alassio, ricciarelli di Siena, bombas, amarguillos y otros riquísimos dulces serán los protagonistas de fiestas y celebraciones.
    * Y además, consejos para la utilización del horno, la elección de los accesorios, los moldes, los utensilios del pastelero, etc.

  • The resilience drive

    Alexia Michiels

    • Favre
    • 2 Août 2018

    100 practical keys to navigate through daily challenges, with joy and success. "A useful and generous book inviting us to experience daily life with joy and awareness' Frédéric Lenoir How do you honour your responsibilities without wearing yourself out? How do you achieve high objectives and still radiate? How do you live consistently abiding by your core values? An endless number of questions to which this book suggests a few answers, 100 practical keys to reinforce your personal resilience, not only to bounce back faster when facing life challenges, but also to thrive and flourish. Resilience can be learnt and cultivated!
    Supported by scientific evidence sprinkled in each chapter, this book aims at expanding your vision in order to be more conscious of the impact of your choices. By mobilising all your resources - body, heart, mind, spirit - better and more often, you will experience new habits to navigate more serenely through daily joys and challenges.
    More pleasure, more energy, more calm, more clarity, more optimism, more adaptability, more serenity and more impact: here is the promise of this book that, through simple and proven practices, invites you to activate THE RESILIENCE DRIVE!

  • Un outil de traduction et de communication indispensable pour transmettre efficacement vos messages à vos joueurs, à vos coéquipiers ou à votre entourage sportif, que vous soyez entraineur, médecin du sport, kinésithérapeute ou joueur. Le football, le sport le plus populaire au monde, est également l'activité sportive la plus pratiquée. Aux quatre coins du globe, sur chaque continent, dans chaque pays, dans chaque région, dans chaque quartier ou dans chaque ruelle, nous pouvons observer des matchs de football. Sa pratique constitue un langage universel. Sa popularité a entraîné son développement et sa mondialisation. Or, le message qu'un entraîneur veut transmettre doit être compris exactement : cette communication n'est pas toujours évidente pour qui travaille à l'étranger ou gère des joueurs étrangers.Ce traducteur en 7 langues vous permettra de dépasser la barrière de la langue, de comprendre et de vous faire comprendre en toute situation. Il aborde le vocabulaire et les expressions tactiques, physiques, athlétiques, physiologiques, anatomiques et medicaux. Il vous accompagnera durant chacun de vos voyages, que vous soyez entraîneurs, joueurs, membre du staff médical ou dirigeant.Français, allemand, anglais, italien, espagnol, arabe, chinois.