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  • In this new volume, Lucky Luke has to clean out a whole city: Fenton Town, so named because, after being abandoned by the pioneers who founded it, it has been taken over by Dean Fenton, a desperado of the worst sort... Fenton Town has become the most depraved city in all of Texas. Lucky Luke makes a short visit to townâjust the time needed to put Fenton in prison and chase out the remaining rabble.But soon the Dalton Brothers take up the torch, and, following Fentonâs ideas, create... Dalton City, exclusively reserved for gangsters!!! They even capture Lucky Luke and force him to help them...

  • The story of Robin Hood has made a strong impression on Jesse James, and he would like to become a bandit with a big heart, like his hero. With the help of his brother Frank and his cousin Cole Younger, he decides to steal from the rich and redistribute the loot to the poorâ´S But soon the trio is keeping the stolen money and spreading terror wherever they go. At Nothing Gulch, Lucky Luke is more than ready for them. But will he be able to rid the town of these desperados, when the population, terrorized, does nothing to help him?

  • Anglais Mutations t.1

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    After a global environmental disaster, mankind has rebuilt, but its
    demons are still there. Greed, arrogance ... Romane Pennac fights those
    who would abuse nature once again. Volume 1 of 2 of this sequel to
    Mermaid Project. Two years have passed since the event of Mermaid
    Project, and Romane and Brahim have paid the price of their courage
    and integrity. Ignored, even censored, by their superiors, they're
    now reduced to taking lousy private eye jobs to earn a living.
    Meanwhile, though, the same cetaceans whose advanced intelligence the
    UN had refused to believe in are attacking fishing trawlers ... with
    rockets! Before long, the authorities ask our two investigators to
    take their old jobs back ...

  • In this book you will find volumes 3 to 5: The Land Without Stars,
    Welcome to Alflolol and Birds of the Master - three stories that
    introduce the societal criticism aspect of the series. Battle of the
    sexes, totalitarianism and extreme productivism are lambasted, but
    never at the expense of fantasy or of the action. And as they travel
    from world to distant world, Laureline becomes a truly equal partner,
    /> far from the stereotypical female sidekick roles of the time.
    Finally, the second part of the exclusive interview with the authors
    and director Luc Besson is followed by an in-depth portrait of Pierre
    Christin, the writer.

  • This third book of the collected edition contains volumes 6 to 8: Ambassador of the Shadows - the story that directly inspired Luc Besson's film - On the False Earths and Heroes of the Equinox. Over the course of these titles, among the finest in the series, Laureline takes her rightful place as the brains of the outfit, while Valerian fully embraces his role as anti-hero: always brave, but often a bit out of his depth. You will also find the end of the interview with Luc Besson and the authors, and an in-depth portrait of Jean-Claude Mézières, the artist.

  • Fifth volume of the collection, and it's almost a new series that
    begins, without ever losing any of what makes its strength or its
    charm. In this volume of the Collection you will find books 13 to 15,
    and our heroes' life has been irretrievably changed with the
    disappearance of future Earth and Galaxity. Lacking work, they become
    freelance spies in the 80s in On the Frontiers. Lacking money,
    they're reluctant arms dealers in The Living Weapons. Lacking
    options, they turn investigators slash bait on corrupt Rubanis in The
    Circles of Power. The apparent descent into hell of the two former
    agents is the chance for the authors to study the ambiguities of our
    world, either directly or through the lens of alien civilisations;
    along with the ambiguity - pragmatism versus heroism - of the titular
    character, saved from a fall from grace by his ever irreproachable

  • Fourth volume of the collection: return to Earth, and some great
    upheavals in the characters' lives, are on the menu for the best
    titles of the series. This volume contains books 9 to 12 - two
    unmissable two-parters that represent a turning point in the story of
    our agents, and which are widely considered by critics and readers
    alike to be the pinnacle of the series. Characterised by a return to
    20th century Earth, these two stories are suffused with incredible
    melancholy and poetic charm, and force Valerian, the action man, to
    face his limitations. As the real date neared 1986, final year of our
    world according to the authors, Pierre Christin reconciled fiction
    and reality with consummate skill and daring, sweeping aside the
    status quo and sending his heroes down a completely new path. This
    book is introduced by several articles of the recently departed Stan

  • This third volume in the collection brings us to the very edge of
    absolute greatness, with two later, far more mature solo outings -
    Doc Doxey's Elixir (including Manhunt) and Phil Wire (including Lucky
    Luke and Pill) were first published in 1955 and 1956, and already
    Luke was much closer to the cowboy that we now have in mind -
    followed by Rails on the Prairie, the first collaboration between
    /> Morris and Goscinny, that would usher in 30 years of a legendary
    collaboration. These stories are prefaced by a staggering 46 pages of
    extra material - biographies, essays, interviews, illustrations -
    that will delight every fan.

  • Tasked by the queen to close the `Septimus Wave' case once and for
    all, Captain Blake is facing a daunting task, for many questions
    remain unanswered. Where did the spaceship buried beneath London come
    from? What became of Lady Rowana and Professor Evangely? Meanwhile,
    Mortimer is trying to pull Olrik out of the catatonic state the
    villain has been in since his encounter with the ship's occupant. Has
    the threat to the nation truly been vanquished?

  • Mortimer is brought to the camp of General Li Hsi, the Chinese
    warlord, where he is reunited with a seriously injured Nasir. The
    professor was kidnapped in order to recover the archaeological proof
    of the general's imperial lineage, but also to repair the Red Wing, a
    formidable combat aircraft Olrik unwittingly delivered. While Blake
    moves heaven and earth to find him and protect Hong Kong, Mortimer
    escapes to go in search of the only thing that can save Nasir: a
    legendary pearl ...

  • Passing through New Orleans, Lucky Luke stumbles upon a heated
    argument between two steamboat captains. The argument soon turns into
    a wager: whichever boat reaches Minneapolis first after steaming up
    the Mississippi will win the exclusive rights to the route. Captain
    Barstow quickly invites Luke to travel on his Daisy Belle, fearing
    that his opponent will cheat. And while he's not wrong, the biggest
    danger to both boats remains Old Man River himself ...

  • There's no denying Gomer's genius. Mechanics, botany, chemistry,
    zoology, musicology ... His brain is capable of sudden brilliance in
    everything at which he tries his hand. The problem is that, brilliant
    or not, his inventions are never quite right for either the time, or
    the place. Which leads to disaster after disaster, fuelling his
    colleagues' aggravation. Fortunately, he still has the loyalty of his
    cat and gull - and the unfailing affection of Miss Jeanne ...

  • Marsupilami t.6 ; Fordlandia Nouv.

    In Palombia, the president is throwing a lavish completion ceremony
    for a colossal project: a dam across the mighty river Huaytoonarro.
    An event that couldn't leave the Marsupilami more indifferent, for he
    has other piranhas to fry: Mrs Marsupilami has disappeared. Our
    friend's nose tells him that it was the doing of Bring M. Backalive,
    the famous hunter, and he rushes after the kidnapper, soon followed
    by Sarah and Bip ... and then the situation becomes even more

  • Once again, Luke is called to the penitentiary, though for once the
    Daltons haven't escaped. They have, however, just learned that their
    cousin Emmett, last survivor of the original Dalton gang, has a son -
    and that Averell was chosen as his godfather! Now Lucky Luke has to
    accompany the dumbest bandits in the West to the young boy's house,
    as Averell has been temporarily entrusted with his education. A job
    that his brothers see as an excellent opportunity to get rich ...

  • é Returned to their penitentiary by Lucky Luke for the umpteenth time, the Daltons meet a troubling character: Dunkle, a self-proclaimed prophet fond of fiery speeches. His continual preaching eventually converts the ever hapless Averell. Soon, all five escape together and find refuge in a friendly, welcoming community, where they sow chaos and discord each in their own way - unaware that Lucky Luke is already tracking them ...

  • Kid Luck, still travelling with Old Timer, arrives in Mushroom City.
    After months in the wild, they're both glad to find a place where
    they can have some fun! While the old gold miner has every intention
    to enjoy himself, though, he immediately sends Luke ... straight to
    school! A horrible sentence for the young cowboy-in-the-making, who
    is about to meet a quartet of already nasty little brats, and a
    /> pistolero with somewhat ... flexible morals!

  • Big surprise for the Lonesome Cowboy: a rich widow and admirer of his
    exploits has bequeathed him a 250 acre cotton plantation in
    Louisiana! Thrust into the role of a rich landowner, welcomed as one
    by his white neighbours, he will have to fight to gain the trust of
    his terrified black employees and split his heritage among them. A
    goal towards which he'll receive help from the local Cajun community,
    and from ... the Daltons!

  • Jolan has agreed to leave his family and serve Manthor, after he
    saved Thorgal's life. The mysterious mage has promised him an
    exceptional destiny - if, that is, the young man proves worthy of it.
    So begins a series of trials during which Jolan, on his own at first,
    will meet four other youngsters. They, too, have unusual powers.
    They, too, are on their way to Manthor's castle. Will they be allies,
    or enemies?

  • Gomer is absolutely peerless when it comes to disrupting life at
    Spirou Magazine, much to his boss Prunelle's and long-suffering Mr De
    Mesmaeker's chagrin. But don't you go underestimating him! The truth
    is that his laziness, his talent for invention and even his love of
    animals - not to mention his antiquated lemon of a car- are perfectly
    capable of spreading chaos anywhere, in any season. You can't even
    imagine what he can do when it snows!

  • The disasters Gomer keeps causing at the Spirou office (and in town,
    and out of town, and for the Army ...) sometimes drive his neighbours
    and co-workers to regrettable excesses. They shout at him, lock him
    up, occasionally try to strangle him a bit ... Yet he rarely even
    resents it. Watch out, though! Gomer is also a friend to all
    creatures big and small, and anyone going after one of his furry or
    feathered companions is in for a nasty surprise!

  • Spirou and Fantasio are famous - among other things, as the official
    discoverers of that legendary creature, the Marsupilami, one of which
    often accompanies them on their adventures. So when one of their
    conferences is cancelled in favour of a documentary film from an
    unknown author, they are understandably irritated... until, that is,
    they realise the film is the very first to record the family life of
    wild Marsupilamis!

  • The captain and the professor have finally made it to the secret base with the Swordfish blueprints, and construction has begun on the extraordinary machines. Olrik hasn't had his last word, though, and he is ready to take tremendous risks to locate the world's last bastion of resistance and freedom. A race against time is on between Imperial forces on one side and Mortimer's teams of engineers on the other... The fate of civilisation is at stake.

  • Fleeing the devastation of World War III, Blake, Mortimer and Nasir have been trying to reach a secret base with the blueprints for a new weapon, the Swordfish. But the forces of the Yellow Empire are hot on their trail, and soon Mortimer is captured. While Blake works tirelessly at coordinating the various resistance movements on the planet, the professor is forced to endure captivity, threats and torture from their eternal enemy, Olrik.

  • Anglais Yakari t.17 ; the snow bird


    • Cinebook
    • 19 Décembre 2019

    One day when heavy rains force them to play inside, Yakari and
    Rainbow are startled by a strange sound. To their amazement, it's
    followed by their whole tipi suddenly taking off and flying straight
    north, with them inside! After several hours of a not entirely
    pleasant journey, they're greeted on landing by Rainbow's spirit
    guide Nanabozho, the Great Rabbit, who wants them to meet the
    inhabitants of the great north. Among those is a mysterious white
    bird ...