• Nino would rather be outside playing than stuck inside doing homework-especially science homework. Then he discovers that one of the greatest scientists ever started out feeling the same way: Albert Einstein-the guy who invented that famous formula: E=mc2. And, as Ariane explains, there was a lot more to Einstein than just formulas. Thanks to him, we have GPS devices and electric gates, nuclear energy and ... well, yes, also nuclear bombs. Einstein did everything he could to make the world a better place-but after all, he was only human!

  • Harmony and her friends have been taken to a peaceful and secure location, away from the medical experiments and grueling training sessions forced on them by their former captors. But Harmony can't help feeling her new "guardians" are keeping something from them, and when young Eden starts having terrible nightmares, she unwittingly sets off a chain of events that prove that Harmony wasn't entirely wrong to be mistrustful.

  • When your old man's a police captain, it can make for some lonely evenings at home! Tom would know. But when the investigation his father is working on implicates Fabian, one of the hall monitors at his middle school, Tom decides to find out for himself what's going on. With his best friend Lilia by his side, he sets out to catch the bad guys. They suddenly find themselves trailing suspects, following clues, going undercover, and even getting into high-speed chases! The only thing is they have to do it all in absolute secrecy, so that Tom's father doesn't suspect their involvement. To do so, they'll have to become real-life anonymous informers. But just where will all of this lead?